Street Stroll

Kilode, kini lele?, don’t snap me abeg ooo camera woman! I heard a few comments, as i walked down the road. None of the comments were strange, I hear them almost everything I bring out my camera in the streets.
I love candid photos, and the best of them can be taken on the streets. Lagos hasn’t been too fair to me for street photographs, the scary eyes I see especially at night, say a lot more than the words which follow them.
On this particular day I was taking a stroll to Lekki Peninsular gate and I decided to take some pictures of people against the car flashlights. I didn’t care so much about who the subject would be as about the gold rays against black, produced by the night light on dark figures. Thankfully, it went really well this time.
Do you love taking pictures in a busy city?
How do you do it?


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