The Jewelry Shoot with Comfy

So I did this shoot in February with a creative and beautiful lady comfy.

This post is long overdue and I its been in my draft  for a while, and I have been wondering why I haven’t posted it yet.. Well, here it goes….


I had this amazing shoot with comfy, a client that wanted to take her jewelry pictures in an interesting way. According to her she wanted her pieces to look interesting, not just boringly dropped on the manikin or necklace stand..


. .

So I thought of different ideas, my dining table, wineglass, utensils rack, fold-able basket, trees, all came into play here…


One interesting thing about comfort is shes so versatile, she did the make up and the scarfs, which in my opinion made the output better. You could contact her  here……

Of course we had a few trial, but in the end she loved the result.


Of course she had to be a part of the shoot…And this is comfort……


Model: Ada Stace

Cheers is to more satisfied clients…

Happy client, happier me. *winks*

Have a blessed Life



4 thoughts on “The Jewelry Shoot with Comfy

  1. WOW!!! Thanks so much dear. I’m humbled by the feature of my business concept on your blog. I’m so happy…

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