Between FT and Oxygen ( A Happy Birthday Message)


I remember seeing the invitation and wondering…hmm what is the inspiration for this title? “Oxygen: A worship Party”. I flashed back to some years ago (2011) when I heard Femi speak for the first time. He was addressing my unit , Smile care Initiative. I don’t remember all the details of what he said, but I remember he kept on refering to God, “God did this, God did that”. Only once before then had I seen someone ascribe all  to God so much. That that just made me respect him.

Now back to oxygen! So I thought my brother will drop me off at the venue, unfortunately he had to rush somewhere else that morning. I started calculating all the buses I will jump before reaching the venue lol.., thankfully, that wasn’t enough to deter me, I knew I had to be there.

Thank God I didn’t miss it, turned out to be  awesome! once again I had the privilege of meeting with beautiful like minded people, filling my spiritual bank, and also meeting Demi again (a sis from another mum-story for another day). Thanks to Remi, I had a new definition for worshiping, awesome praise and worship time with Lexash, Bolu, Yemi Levite, Praisel. Now I understand the reason for Oxygen.

Thanks a Lot FT…

To a cool brother, a friend, and a mentor…..


Happy happy Birthday

Your days on earth will be fruitful and worthwhile.

Greater Heights Facilitating Transformation..


2 thoughts on “Between FT and Oxygen ( A Happy Birthday Message)

  1. Wao. I like this dimension. Wish I was there. Always beautiful seeing this site. Happy birthday Femi.
    Pretty Ogo || wonderful nonijaz

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