That Chick in Samaru

ImageImageImageImageThat Chick in Samaru

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful girl, Demi. Her life and everything she did was practically based in the city of Ibadan. Things were just about to change for her as she was posted to Zamfara State for her NYSC…..

Check out this shoot on the streets of Samaru.

I see simple, I see beauty, and I see fun, what do you?Image


11 thoughts on “That Chick in Samaru

  1. Gr8 girl, I served in zm too and it was a gr8 experience…. lots of places to visit and see. I did travel alot thru the zamfara villages exploring the mountains and rocky hills….only that I did not have pictures. But demi u shuld enjoy the place far frm the quiet idi-ishin jericho axis. U may wanna visit the mountain of kanoma, the plains of kangawa, taste the sweet sugar cane of bayida… too plenty to count…. more importantly you will enjoy the fellowship of nccf…. gidan kofa

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